Santorini Cuisine

Fava-tomatoesSantorini’s cuisine is primarily based on the island’s own agricultural products. The exceptional flavour of this island’s products has its origins in the geology of the place. Santorini is covered with a mantle of solidified lava, pumice and volcanic ash, rain is rare and water scarce. On this parched volcanic soil vegetables grow densely, and acquire an amazing intensity of flavour.

You have never tasted such sweet and flavour-packed courgettes. The tiny volcanic tomatoes have three or four times the natural aroma of any others. The dynamic earthiness of the island’s famous yellow lentils (fava) can never be equaled by legumes grown in irrigated fields. Sweet-smelling white-fleshed aubergines, delicious cucumbers, capers, white berries, small watermelons, figs, complement to the unique local produce of the Theran soil.